Eating scorpion at Khao San Road – Thailand

Massage, party’s, drugs, happy endings and lot of beer. Welcome on the Khao San Road! It’s the Mecca for travellers all over the world. Here in Bankok – Thailand you can get everything… From weed and laughing gas to scorpions and tarantulas. Even cockroaches are for sell. On the streets you see many of it. So if you want to fry the insect yourself – just look near the garbage. Safety meal not guaranteed… I just go for the easy way and try a scorpion.


I buy one fried scorpion for 50 bah. The Thai man walks away. I look at it. The scorpion looks at me? Ow yea I forgot. It’s dead already. I stare at the black animal. Than a lady with some bracelets comes nearby and says that I need to remove the tail. Because it’s poisonous and not okay to eat. So I do. ‘Thanks man for selling me a scorpion without any advice.’ But ok.. I go for it. First I try the leg.

The taste is like chicken and the feeling similar to eating chips. Not so bad… So the scorpion lose his legs quickly. Now I go for the body. The taste of the scorpions belly is different from the flavour of the legs. ‘Sandy and salty.’ That’s what I can tell you. ‘But it’s eatable!’ I skip the scorpions head and claws. My principle of food is: remove the head and tail. So I do. After the scorpion meal I flush the remains of the meat away with some local Chang beer. Scorpion eating completed!

Scorpions like to hide in clothing. Think again about throwing your clothes on the ground after a night out. The animal loves to hide in shoes, socks and even underwear. The sting on the tail of the scorpion can be poisonous. So be careful!

Would you like to try a scorpion?





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