War museum – the Auschwitz of Saigon

If you are in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) don’t forget to visit the War museum  You can learn about the Vietnamese war from the communist side. But even if you heard about the war from both sides – the truth will be always in the heads of the higher-ups. Discover the horrific American war crimes that are still alive under the elderly citizens of Vietnam.


The ‘tiger cage’ was very popular to house the Vietnamese communists (Viet Cong). The French invented it for torture. During the day the sun burned the prisoners. A lot of them starved to death or lost their minds.


A guillotine was used to execute the Vietnamese communists. Also an invention of France. 


The barbacue torture. A prisoner was forced to roll over a hot barbacue mat. On both sides their were sharp razors so the victims get cuts. When they didn’t roll they got burned. If nothing than beaten up to dead. 


The Vietnamese communists were tortured so they couldn’t escape. That’s why their bones were broken. Sometimes the prison guards made the prisoners blind, deaf or cut off their tongues. 

Victims of imprisonment that survived have still scars of the Vietnamese War.



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