The art of travel – Trying out my longboard

You can ride by car, fly by plane and even roll on a board. Every time you see the culture, people and surroundings changing. When you walk you see the landscape slow and elegant. In a car you experience everything fast. In a plane you get an unique view from above the clouds. On a boat you can smell and feel the local sea. So dear traveler… Think twice about how you travel. The transportation plays a big role about the adventures you get!

This time Im taming my longboard. It’s waiting to roll on a NEW journey with his travel addicted owner. I can promise you one thing… It wil be a hell of a legday! 

This are my first preparations! 


Trying out a manual on a longboard at the rooftop in the centre of the Hague. 


Some sightseeing with Daan, Thai beer and my fancy longboard. Cheers to my dear friends from Thailand! #Rooftopchilling at the centre of The Hague.


AHOY! Just chilling on the deck of a ship. #At Scheveningen. 


Longboard training completed. Now my legs are burning!!! 







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