Hidden library bar in Krakow

In Krakow you need to be at your guard all the times. I can tell you why. I walk inside a library with some friends. They know the place. I don’t. An old man welcomes me. I smile back to him. Inside there are a lot of books. All the knowledge is overwhelming, because of the smell of old paper and dust. I wonder what we are doing here. Why we go to a library? But in the end it becomes all clear…


I follow my friends further past the old man. We go to climb up a spiral staircase. On the top there is a suprise. A smile appears on my face. There is a hidden bar upstairs!


The place is filled with rock music and you can order beer and other drinks. On the ceiling you can spot some ubrellas hanging randomly. Smoking is permitted in this secret bar. It’s a perfect place to have a before party when you want to have a night out. Not many people know this place. So you will be like a local when you explore the hidden library bar. 😉

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