Papito’s bar in Krakow

IMG_1729[1]Mini burgers. Big fries. Cheap beer. That’s all you get at Papito’s bar in Krakow. It’s more a place to drink than to eat. But the low price snacks are perfect to have some cold beer with your friends. You can even sit half inside and half outside on hippie pillows at an improvised table. Perfect when it’s nice weather outside.


Fill your belly with a burger for only 5 zloty. For 9 zloty you get even two burgers. And beer is also cheap when you compare it with the beer price at the old city. Sometimes you pay even 12 zloty for 1 beer. I really recommend Papito’s bar for low budget backpackers who prefer adventure before luxury.


You find the place at Jagiellonska 10. (31-010 Krakow)






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